Patios & Pavilions

Whether you are looking to build a beautiful new patio off the back of your house, an outdoor kitchen and pergola, or a pavilion to relax in by your pool, our Upstate, SC hardscaping team can do it all!

Fowler Outdoor Living designs and builds patios, pergolas and pavilions all over Greenville, SC and the surrounding Upstate, SC area.

No matter the size of your yard, a patio will enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. It creates a space to enjoy with family and friends. It also gives purpose to your backyard.

Many of the patios we've built in Upstate, SC include a covered pavilion or outdoor fireplace. We offer a wide range of brick, stone and paver options to suit the style and colors of your home. This allows us to create a space that looks like it has always belonged there.

Why Patios Are Great Addition to Your Home

  • Patios provide added beauty to your home exterior. A patio makes even a simple looking backyard look elegant and can increase your property value.
  • Patios are great for entertaining. A well designed patio will allow you to host more gatherings with friends. We can even build an outdoor kitchen or grilling area into your patio design so you never have to go indoors during the party.

Not everyone can build a patio. Our team is built of designers, craftsmen and arborists who truly love the great outdoors. Our goal is to build outdoor living spaces you love and enjoy for years to come. Every patio, pergola and pavilion we've built in Greenville, SC and the surrounding Upstate, SC area have been designed and installed by these trained artisans.

Patio Options:

In addition to a wide range of paver and stone options, we can also include these features into your patio design.

Pergola Options:

A well designed pergola offers some shade and is a dream to most flower enthusiasts. Many people enjoy planting Carolina Jasmine or Wisteria in pots at the base of their pergola so that these climbing plants can grow and offer more shade. We can also design and build other elements into your pergola design such as:

Pavilion Options:

One of the most popular patio solutions we offer is an outdoor pavilion. Sometimes these are called an open air pool house. We have designed and built these beautiful pavilions all over Upstate, SC. These pavilions are often built beside a pool but are also great on their own. They offer shade during the summer months and protection from afternoon showers. We often add on functional elements like:

At Fowler Outdoor Living, we can design and build any type and size of patio, pergola or pavilion. Contact us to tell us more about what you’re envisioning for your new patio or pavilion!

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